Laura Downing   CEO, CLIR Coaching

Laura Downing
CEO, CLIR Coaching

Laura Downing

In her words:

"I have spent my career leading my own teams and firms while consulting to and coaching other executives striving to lead their organizations to success. I have had the honor of working with dedicated business executives, military officers, non-profit visionaries and front-line employees all of whom are committed to achieving results. The fun is in finding the way they can best leverage their strengths, inspire their teams, and make strategy work in each unique setting to achieve lasting impact.

My roots are in strategy execution and Balanced Scorecard from two decades of working with Drs. Kaplan and Norton. My love is unlocking the potential of leaders and teams to make their vision and strategy a reality. I have worked with leaders and teams within large government entities such as the US OMB, the US Army, the FBI as well as leaders from mega organizations including oil companies, health care providers, telecom companies, etc.  I have also had the honor of working with senior professionals who lead mission driven organizations that comprise our social safety net. 

In each of these unique organizations I help leaders navigate the challenges of inspiring and aligning the team, delivering results and growing a healthy organization.  Together we uncover strengths, contextual demands and opportunities to achieve strategic goals. 

My career has been greatly enhanced by 25 years of learning from my colleagues and clients. I was a co-founder of Balanced Scorecard Collaborative/Palladium where we advanced the discipline strategy execution to every region of the world.   I founded Ascendant and Mission Vector to bring strategy solutions to mission driven organizations. My formal education includes a finance degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.  From Fielding Graduate University, I received a Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching. I am ACC Certified by the International Coaching Federation.

Today, I head CLIR Coaching where I and my colleagues help develop senior leaders and teams into high-impact leaders who can create lasting strategic value for their organizations.

On the personal front, I live in Boston and spend a lot of energy giving back to the community. I am the board chair at Labouré College in Milton. My husband and I coach a swim team of intellectually disabled adults in Dorchester. And, yet, we can most often be found in some cold ice rink watching our son play hockey."